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About Us

This committee was established in 2003 to improve the health and wellness of children in Miami-Dade County. Committee initiatives focus on the implementation of policy, systems, and environmental change that support healthy lifestyles among children. Efforts include but are not limited to: increasing breastfeeding practices and access to healthy foods and physical activity in schools and child care centers.

The Oral Health Committee was combined with the Children Issues Committee beginning in 2013. Committee initiatives are focused on education, awareness and increasing access to oral health services in underserved populations for positive health outcomes.


  1. To promote the health and wellness of children in our community through the collaborative efforts of key stakeholders in Miami-Dade County including organizations, policy makers and community members.
  2. To increase the health and wellness of children in Miami-Dade County through countywide and organizational policy, systems and environmental changes.
  3. To decrease health disparities among underserved youth populations in Miami-Dade County and increase equitable access to quality healthcare through the dissemination of health education and the strengthening of health literacy.

Meeting Information

The Committee meets every third Friday of each month at United Way Miami, The Ryder Room in the Ansin Building, 3250 SW 3rd Ave Miami, FL 33129 from 10:00AM – 11:30AM. Currently, the Committee is meeting virtually via Microsoft Teams. If you have any questions or need access to the meeting link, please contact the Committee Liaison for further details.

Committee Facilitators

Chair: Dr. Cristina Brito, West Kendall Baptist Hospital

Vice-Chair: Tenesha Avent, March of Dimes

Liaison: Candice Schottenloher, Florida Department of Health in Miami-Dade County, Email:, Work phone: 305-234-5400, ext. 8855

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