Speaker Registration Form

The Consortium for a Healthier Miami-Dade is interested in identifying organizations/ individuals who are qualified to participate as part of a Speakers’ Bureau. The purpose of the bureau is to consolidate a directory of experts who can educate the community on a variety of topic areas related to the goals of the Consortium, various committees, and health in general. If you feel that you or someone from your organization is qualified and would like to participate in this volunteer service, please complete the form below. Let us know your area of expertise, and of any specific topics you are passionate about. If your services are requested, you will be notified within 72 hours. Thank you for being part of the Consortium for a Healthier Miami-Dade!


    Community Health/PlanningEducation/OutreachEvaluation / Data ManagementEnvironmental HealthEpidemiologyFundraisingGrant WritingLegal ServicesMarketing / Public RelationsNutritionPatient CarePublic PolicyWellness / PreventionOther

    The Florida Department of Health in Miami-Dade and the Consortium for a Healthier Miami-Dade are NOT responsible for endorsing any activity by distributing this form. The purpose of this form is solely to disseminate information about speakers and their areas of expertise. It is also the purpose to provide a forum for collaboration and partnerships between interested organizations. It is NOT the responsibility of the Consortium to coordinate or determine if there is any sponsorship exclusivity related to each Speaker. Any questions regarding the event or arrangement must be directed solely to the Speaker.

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