Active Design Miami

Active Design Miami

Active Design is a set of policy and design strategies for creating healthier streets, open spaces, and buildings.

Active Design Miami was inspired by New York’s Active Design Guidelines, which was developed in 2010 through a broad collaboration between the NY Department of Health, the AIA NY Chapter and numerous departments, agencies, and organizations. The Center for Active Design was created to further the work begun with the creation of the Active Design Guidelines and has been a key partner for the development and implementation of Active Design Miami.

In 2015, The Miami Center for Architecture & Design (MCAD) begun the work of developing Active Design Miami as part of a contract with the Florida Department of Health and the Consortium for a Healthier Miami-Dade Health and the Built Environment Committee, funded through the Centers for Disease Control.

In September 2016, MCAD, in collaboration with numerous community, institutional, and civic partners, completed the first edition of Active Design Miami. A total of sixty-nine (69) strategies cover four focus areas: Parks & Open Spaces, Development Patterns, Transportation & Mobility, and Buildings. Please view the Active Design Guidelines here.

City of Aventura Official Resolution in Support of Active Design Miami

City of Miami Lakes Official Resolution in Support of Active Design Miami

City of South Miami Official Resolution in Support of Active Design Miami

For more information, please visit the official Active Design Miami website.


The five videos below provide an overview of the Active Design Miami initiative.






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