Local Public Health System Assessment

The Local Public Health System Assessment (LPHSA) answers the questions, “What are the components, activities, competencies, and capacities of our local public health system?” and “How are the Essential Services bring provided to the community?”

In August 2017, representatives from public, private, and voluntary groups joined together to complete the assessment and learn about how well the public health system in the community is working to provide the 10 essential public health services. Representatives also considered ways to improve the performance of the system by working together with agencies throughout the community.

The information obtained from the assessment will be used to improve and better coordinate public health activities at the local level to ensure that a strong system is in place for the effective provision of public health services, and response to public health emergencies.

The LPHSA folds into the Mobilizing for Action through Planning and Partnerships (MAPP) model of community health improvement. It is one of four types of assessments that provides information for community health planning.

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