Learning how to choose healthy food will contribute to your overall well-being. MyPlate was developed to make your selection of appropriate foods easier. One look and you can visualize what should be on your plate and in what proportion.

By following the MyPlate guidelines you will feel better, have more energy and help reduce your risk of nutrition-related health problems later in life. It’s the first step to healthy eating

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The video above is part of the Bounty of Health Drive-Thru Food Distribution and Educational Event that was held on Thursday, November 19th, 2020. This video features local Miami-Dade County health providers and organizations and their presentations on health topics important to the community such as Nutrition, Stress and Mental Health, Maternal Health, and Healthy Aging. We would like to thank our Consortium partners who have joined us to put together this series of health education sessions. The Bounty of Health drive-thru event was a first come, first serve event designed to meet the needs of the community during the holiday period. The attendees received fresh produce and other goods, along with giveaways from organization’s throughout Miami-Dade County. In addition, they received the Bounty of Health Fair Resource Guide which featured the participating partners and organization’s information that participated in the Bounty of Health events.

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