Access and choice drive the establishment of a healthy community. Providing and promoting healthy lifestyle options to our residents include healthy food, physical activity, chronic disease education, and access to care. The Health Promotion and Disease Prevention initiatives focus on coordinated efforts that support the community’s needs for access to healthy foods, physical activity and clinical linkages and is committed to building collaboration with key partners that will focus on promoting healthy habits to Miami-Dade County residents.

Aligned with Dr. John Armstrong,the former Florida State Surgeon General’s initiative, “Healthiest Weight Florida” is an initiative that works closely with partners to leverage existing resources to maximize reach and impact. The overall goal is to bend the weight curve by 5% by 2017.


Healthy Happens Here

  • The Restaurant initiative focuses on decreasing obesity by providing Miami-Dade County residents with healthy choices when dining out.
    Journey to Wellness Rx offers increased opportunities for non-pharmaceutical interventions such as a referral to a local park for physical activity.
  • Healthy Hubs provide clinical linkages and access to care to county residents by providing biometric screenings and educational services to promote good health.
  • The Corner Store initiative increases the number of corner stores in impoverished communities within Miami-Dade County that offer healthy food and beverage options.


Past Initiatives:

Mission to Health 

A chronic disease prevention program targeting the faith-based Pan-African communities of Miami-Dade County.

Living for Health
A community outreach program targeting underserved and uninsured adults in Miami-Dade to screen for heart disease, stroke, and diabetes; and encourage them to seek treatment and make healthy lifestyle changes to reduce their risk.

Pump up your Heart
“The “Pump Up Your Heart” campaign was initiated in an effort to remind the community about the need for regular physical activity.

Farmers’ Markets
An outreach program to increase access to healthy foods and educate the community about nutrition and healthy