1254520_81286112The Consortium for a Healthier Miami-Dade works in a committee structure that allows members to work within their area of interest and expertise. The Consortium is comprised of eight (8) separate committees focused on specific key areas of health. Committees are guided by an Executive Board, which consists of all committee Chairs and Vice-Chairs.

Children Issues
This committee promotes the health and wellness of children in Miami-Dade through the facilitation of policy, systems, and environmental change that support healthy lifestyles among children. Efforts include but are not limited to: increasing breastfeeding practices and access to healthy foods and physical activity in schools and child care centers.


Elder Issues/ Mayor’s Initiative on Healthy Aging and Livability
This committee promotes and encourages elder community members to live a safe and healthy lifestyle. Committee initiatives focus on education, chronic disease management and retirement planning to improve quality of life and longevity for the growing elderly population.


Health and the Built Environment
This committee was established in 2006 to enhance the knowledge of public officials and community stakeholders about the health impacts of urban planning and transportation infrastructure. Committee initiatives focus on drafting letters of support, contacting officials, and presenting to various stakeholder groups, detailing the relationship between our built environment and our community’s health.


Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
This committee seeks to improve community health through education and the creation of environments that support healthy behaviors. Committee initiatives focus on education, screening, and policy efforts aimed to prevent chronic disease and encourage the adoption and practice of healthy behaviors.


Marketing and Membership
This committee is responsible for disseminating information to the community and other stakeholders about the Consortium initiatives and recruitment and retention of members for the Consortium.


Oral Health
This committee was created to improve oral health in Miami-Dade County. Committee initiatives focus on education, awareness and increasing access to oral health services in underserved populations for positive health outcomes.


Tobacco-Free Workgroup
This committee focuses on initiatives that aim to reduce and prevent initiation of tobacco use, especially among youth, provide resources for smoking cessation, and establish and advocate for ordinances and laws that eliminate secondhand smoke exposure on a local and state level.


Worksite Wellness
This committee aims to promote healthy lifestyles in the work-setting by sharing resources on best practices, encouraging policy, systems, and environmental change and creating partnerships among the diverse businesses within Miami-Dade County.